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Economic activity

Sep 2016 Macro Economic Trends

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Central Banks


Economic Conclusions: Talk of changing mandates. Less confidence of pushing further QE. Robert Bergqvist at SEB is commenting well on it. Key to follow going forward.

FED Postponed rate increase. Next rate hike expected in December.
ECB On hold despite saying economy not improving. Will be very interesting to follow bail-out of Deutsche Bank.
BOE Continued easing despite economic data not being bad.
BOJ They own a third of all Japanese bonds. They changed their targets to targeting yields.

China Economic Trends

  • Auto sales: Aug 26.6%. SUV sales continues to outgrow market.
  • Housing starts. Aug

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macro trends

Aug 2016 Macro Trends

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Funny fact of the month
What does Rome, Paris and Tokyo have in common?
They all have a female major.


  • Macro Trends: Things are fairly good.

  • I think markets will continue to go up.

Central Banks

FED Slightly more hawish.
ECB More quantative easing.
BOE Continued easing.
BOJ More easing.
BOC Talks of more house purchase restrictions.

China Trends

  • Hang Seng property index reached new highs and property prices continue up.
  • HK and Macau: The worst of situation seems to have passed.
  • China auto sales: continues to be very strong. We will see what happens to it after September.

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Observations from Antigua

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Conclusions on Antigua Economic Activity

  • Little construction
  • Few indications Antigua good economic activity

  • A hurricane would destroy all the housing

Other Observations

Car fleet
  • Left hand driving but all cars are right side produced.
  • Mostly second hand cars imported from japan. Love to know more about this.
  • Local Antigua currency avoided.
  • Everything priced in us dollars.
People observations
  • Like other places amazed how much advanced camera.
  • Equipment and big tattoos people havinnovation.
  • Not really seen anything innovative.
Successful business model.s Boat charters. Catamarans.

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